Speaking Page

Teri’s passion for others, knowledge of the industry, strong personality and love of Jesus, puts her in front of many audiences. She has appeared on numerous television shows, spoken in large auditoriums filled with kids, and in many church gatherings. She enjoys speaking to various diverse groups from women only to teenager’s camps, and race track events. 

​Teri speaks in short stories relating her racing experiences to bible applications. Some of her topics or stories include:

*What does a racing tire, a bible, and a loaf of bread have in common?

*God has his armor so does a race car driver.

*The role of a spotter at the track and in your life. Do you have one?

*Is your prayer life like a steering wheel, spare tire, or the climate control?

*Who on the pit crew is most important?

*Why wear pearls? 

​*What is your God, Take Teri’s test.

*I have some money, what is the value of it to you?

*Leadership skills of Christ – who are you following?

*Balls and boxes, are they in the right order, are the lids on tight?

*Her personal Testimony – Breaking her neck while racing and the road to recovery

*God’s 4 P’s –pride, prayer, patience’s and priorities

*The Good and Bad of Competition

*Against all odds, still moving forward – where does your self-esteem come from

*What to do when God puts a piano in your living room – dealing with change

*So you think you know a famous race car driver?

Teri and Television

​Teri is a natural when it comes to the television screen; she is photo genetic, speaks well, and is full of energy. In 2000 she hosted “Disney Car Ready” show, a 52-part series that aired until 2002 in some states. During each episode she would demystify the automobile, helping keep America’s cars ready for the road. Teri has been involved with many TV talk shows, commercials, and magazine shows. She has been involved at every stage from writing the scripts, to shooting b-roll and interviewing guests. She has even helped in the edit studio. In 2003 she wrote, hosted and helped edit her own series title “Rev it Up”. This mini-series showcased new vehicles coming to market.  She was spokesperson for National Car Care month, participated in an extensive media campaign, where she drove a PT Cruiser with a 600lb rain cloud on the roof across America. The campaign promoted Castol’s new product accuvision and found America’s safest driver. Both campaigns had Teri on the daily news broadcasts, along with radio and print.  Teri produced a demo tape and is currently looking to co-host new TV shows. For a copy of the demo tape send an email to Teri.


Since 1994 Teri has conducted several car care clinics, educating some 10,000 women on the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and safety. Teri still today helps women feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Depending on the event and schedule, a car care clinic could range from 15 minutes to there hours. Teri presents topics such as safety, defensive driving, air bags, brakes, child seats, engine, fuses, tire’s and a bunch more. She talks about keeping your vehicle properly maintained. If you are interest in having Teri do a car care clinic for you, email her.

Teri spent time with various manufactures and dealers introducing their new product lines. She facilitated during various rides and drive programs from time to time and instructed at different driving schools. 

In 1999 NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and AAA certified Teri as a child safety seat inspector. She is able to inspect, correct, and educate others regarding proper installation of child seats. 

Teri has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Florida Atlantic University and an Associated of Arts degree in Marketing from Seneca College. She started to get he MBA from Nova University in Florida before taking an Assistant Director of Marketing position with Slim-Fast Foods. 

With her writing skills and knowledge, Teri often finds herself writing for various magazines and newspapers. She writes about her racing experience and knowledge of the automobile.

Natural role model 

Teri continues to set the pace as a role model for young people. She is involved with many youth organizations and programs giving short talks to teenagers that will encourage them to stay away from drugs, alcohol, sex, and get an education so they can go after their dreams.

During assembly programs in schools, Teri tells her story. How she broke her neck racing and got discourage with herself and God. She wanted to give up on life. Through living the experiences she can now encourage teens to stay on the right path, not look to others for acceptance, but compete in a Godly manner and increase their self esteem. 

Teri was featured on the over of BRIO magazine in October 2003. “A Focus on the Family magazine. BRIO is a teen girl’s magazine that focuses on issues of growing up in a Godly way.

Teri’s strong faith, morals, and Godly beliefs, along with her compassion for the younger generation has taken her life a different direction. Life on this earth is very short and very unpredictable, but eternity is forever.  I want to my life to count for something. Not only here on earth, but in God’s eyes. 

Teri’s older brother, Randy has formed a 501C, titled, “Finish a Winner”. Where he asks the question “Are you qualified for Heaven? 

The bible teaches, there is only one way to heaven. This is through Jesus Christ. The world will tell you, there are many ways to heaven and many Gods. But the true word of God disagrees. Satan, the true deceiver feeds people two lines, or lies. First “I have done so much bad stuff in my life, there is no way a good God would ever love me.”  Or secondly, “I am fine, I have everything I need, and I am a good person, so why do I need God.”

Simply put, everyone is a sinner. We have fallen short of Gods glory. The price we pay for being sinful is death and everyone will die. But because God loves us so much, even when we sin, he sent a savor- his son Jesus Christ to pay the price for our sins. “For God so loved the world, he sent his only son, Jesus, that whoever believes in him will be saved from hell and will have eternal live.” So if we confess our sin and ask Jesus to forgive us, he will. We can then enter heaven.  We will spend eternity in heaven with God.

This is a free gift from God. His will is that no one parish. Everyone has a choice of where they will spend eternity. It is a personal decision. Which of the two places,heaven with Jesus or hell with Satan are you going to go? 

What we accomplish on this earth will pass away, after we are gone, but what we accomplish for God and his kingdom will never pass away.