Teri is a multi diverse female. She wears many different hats, several times a week, and now adds one more to that collection.

​Teri now loves the role of Mother


For the past twenty years, Teri was focused on being a top professional race car driver, a motivational speaker, TV host, and an author. For the past nine years, you could find her at many NASCAR events on the roof spotting during the NASCAR Nationwide race or in the pits doing VIP pit tours for Sprint guests. She is president TMC Marketing, Motorsports & Travel Company. TMC Travel earned the designation of being an Authorized Disney Travel Planner, selling more than 1 million dollars in sales for Disney for the past two years.  TMC Travel currently has 6 agents.


Teri grew up on the move, born in Ontario, Canada; she became a USA citizen and now holds dual citizenship. She has lived on the west coast, the east coast, in the south and north, but she now calls home Greensboro, NC with her husband of 22 years, Charles and son Tanner.   Teri’s world was turned upside down in September of 05, when she found out that she was going to have a baby. In April 2006, she and Charles brought home a seven pound baby boy named Charles, “Tanner”.  


Teri’s family owns and operates MacDonald Motorsports, a NASCAR Nationwide series team. The number 72 has competed in the Craftsman Truck series since 1996 and moved to the Busch series in 2004. Today the run under the #81. On March 26, 2007, MacDonald Motorsports lost its biggest cheerleader and owner. Marrill “Doc” – “DAD” MacDonald went home/heaven to be with his Lord and savior Jesus Christ, after fighting cancer for nine years.” We miss Dad a bunch, but we have peace knowing we will see him again,” adds Teri.  


Teri has been involved in the family business for many years. She has helped with finding new sponsors, doing media relations, scheduling the travel for the team, but the most fun was either driving the race car herself or going to the roof and spotting for the drivers. Either way, she could be a hero or a zero in less than .02 seconds. “Driving and spotting both involve a ton of stress, keeping yourself or your driver from the big crashes and bring home the checkered flag is what it is all about.” comments Teri.

 Racing has been Teri’s passion and driving force for many years. But she is interested in many other areas.  She has a love for people and enjoys speaking to different age groups regarding her faith, her life and her racing passion. Teri has learned that priorities and prayer are two of the most important things in life. 


Most people have fear, but what happens when your biggest fears come true, and turn out to be the best experiences of life.  The top three fears people have is the fear of losing their job or identity, getting hurt and losing their quality of life, or death.  Teri crashed in 1997 and broke her neck in three places. She became pregnant and had to quit racing to look after her child and hen she lost her father.  But if you were to ask Teri today, she would tell you that breaking her neck was one of the best things to happen to her because she learned many valuable lessons from that experience.  After learning about the baby, Teri was devastated; she was on the verge of signing a race contract with a good team and doing her first NASCAR Busch race. The following year she walked down the road of death with her father and with her faith and family she found peace and happiness through it all. Teri is a natural behind the TV camera and has shown her talent to Disney, ABC and many other networks. She hosted Disney’s Car ready, a 52 part series on car care, has helped produce and host her own show, Rev it Up, and was co-host on GoodNews sports.  She is always looking for other opportunities to get behind the camera. Teri and son Tanner, joined the Brock Agency in North Carolina and are working on some commercial appearances. 

Teri has traveled the world. Following her B.Sc. degree from Florida Atlantic University, she and a group of students traveled to Asia. Teri did her thesis paper on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. She helped in Amsterdam with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and drove the Indy Car, Pace car at the Brazilian and Australian Grand Prix. She and husband honeymooned in New Zealand. 

​Teri’s education did not come easy for her. Early on, she struggled with learning disabilities. She has mild dyslexia and attention-deficit disorder. Teri’s teachers told her parents, not to expect great things from Teri. She just did not have it in her.  God had other plans and today Teri is successful in many ways. She has written four children’s book, before even having a child. And Teri is currently working on three more motivational books. One is geared towards women and the other to the youth. 

Teri’s interest and knowledge of the automobile has positioned her as a free-lance writer and speaker for various newspapers, magazines and TV shows.  She joined AJAC (Automobile Journalist Association of Canada) back in 1994. Became a national child seat inspector for NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in 1999, was national spokesperson for Pennzoil-Quaker State for Canada’s car care month in 2002, and educated over 10,000 men and women during her car care clinics. 

In 2007 Teri went back to school again and got her travel agency license. She has booked the travel for MacDonald Motorsports for a number of years but now she can do it with better success.  Joining with friend and mother, Ginger McKinney, they formed TMC Travel. And renamed it, “The Mouse Connection.” The company has grown tremendously under the leader ship of Ginger, now employing 6 agents. After in creditable growth, Disney awarded them with the Authorized Disney Travel Planner program. Now in 2013 the company is growing in leaps and bounds.  (LOGO and Disney logo)

​As Teri’s son grew, she became very involved in his life. She began helping in the school and church class room. She instructs 35-40 first graders every Sunday and loves seeing them fall in love with Jesus.